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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Folding Umbrellas

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Traditional Japanese umbrellas are made from waxed paper. They are an essential accessory for geisha on a rainy day and larger versions offer cooling shade under which to take part in the tea ceremony.

Today, High-tech folding umbrellas which close into a compact condition, for convenience in storage and portability are popular among young people. They are often sold as souvenir item for foreign tourists.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Many People Walking In The Shibuya Scramble Crossing??

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Have you ever been to Shibuya and seen Shibuya scramble crossing? This crossing is very famous as like a landmark of Tokyo. There are many people crossing this street everyday.

One blogger or writer on the web researched how many people walking across this crossing.

-measuring method-

  • Count when red part is filled with people.

  • Count 5 times and measure average.

How many people do you think crossing this street???


  • First Count

364 people!
  • Second Count
    370 people!
  • Third
330 people!
  • Forth
393 people!
  • Fifth
335 people!


(364+370+330+393+335)/5=358.4 people!!

There are lots of people crossing scramble crossing. But I thought there were like 500 people crossing. The writer of this article says that he knows it is meaningless. But it is new for me and for you guys also, right? :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hatsune Miku Concert at Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba

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Hatsune Miku(初音ミク) is one of the popular vocaloid character amongst Otakus. You can see the detail of her from Wikipedia.

She did the gig at Zepp Tokyo on 9th of March.

As she is just a character on the screen, she is projected on special transparent board.  She sang 33 songs in total. She sometimes chaged her cloth and also sang with some other vocaloids such as Megurine Luka(巡音ルカ) and Kagamine Rin and Len(鏡音リン・レン).

Though the concert was held on day time of weekday, the concert hole was filled with people who loves Hatsune Miku. It seems much fun :)


This concert was held by SEGA, the company of computer games and so on.
 The concert seems to have been raging as seen in the pictures above. It's like a near future story. I think Otaku are bit ahead of me!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Official Goods of Kabuki

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Do you know about Kabuki? or Have you ever seen Kabuki? It is kind of the Japanese traditional art or show. You can understand it from below quote via Wikipedia.

  • Kabuki (歌舞伎) is the highly stylized classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theatre is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers. The individual kanji characters, from left to right, mean sing(歌), dance (舞), and skill (伎). Kabuki is therefore sometimes translated as "the art of singing and dancing." These are, however, atejicharacters which do not reflect actual etymology. The kanji of 'skill', however, generally refers to a performer in kabuki theatre. Since the word kabuki is believed to derive from the verb kabuku, meaning "to lean" or "to be out of the ordinary", kabuki can be interpreted as "avant-garde" or "bizarre" theatre. The expression kabukimono(歌舞伎者) referred originally to those who were bizarrely dressed and swaggered on a street. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabuki)

Kabukiza is located in Ginza where the Tsukiji, the place known for its huge fish market, is near from there. You can see where it is from the map below.

At Kabukiza(歌舞伎座), where you can see some show of Kabuki(歌舞伎), they sell official Kabuki Goods there. This is the first time to sell "OFFICIAL" goods of Kabuki. And the goods are all cool! Even I also want to buy one of them! See below pictures!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eat "Chuka Man" in Yokohama!

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"Chuka Man" is literally translated into "Chinese steamed bread". Lots of Japanese likes "Chuka Man".

You can even buy it at convenience store. But the best place to buy and eat "Chuka Man" is Yokohama. There's China town in Yokohama. And there, you can eat delicious "Chuka Man"!

If you have chance to go to Yokohama, go and eat lots of Chuka Man! Below are recommendation of Walker Plus which is providing some information about Japan for Japanese.

  • 翆華(Suika)
Suika has "Awabi Hukahire Man(アワビフカヒレまん)" and is using much luxury foodstuff inside it. There are abalone(which is kind of shell and many Japanese likes it) and sharks' fin and also meat, vegetables inside.

This ChukaMan is 14 centimeter in diameter. And it costs 525yen. It really big and reasonable!

  • 江戸清 中華街本店(Edokiyoshi Chukagai-Honten)
Edokiyoshi is known for its huge ChukaMan. Always crowded around there. 美美(MeiMei) is good Chukaman, the source says. They using black bread mixing squid ink and bamboo coal and pink bread. 

  • にぎわい市場りーろん(Nigiwai Ichiba Riron)

Nigiwai Ichiba Riron has 2 good ChukaMan. One is 炭焼叉焼包(Cha-shuu Pao) and the other is エビまん(Ebi Man).
This shop is like casual to eat ChukaMan. Cha-shuu Pao's inside, there is Chinese-style barbecued pork wrapped up with black bread mixing squid ink and bamboo coal. And Ebi Man is including shrimp wrapped up with pink bread.

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  • 老維新(RouIshin)
RouIshin has cute ChukaMan like below picture. 

RouIshin is the shop that collecting several panda goods. So they sell some panda-face ChukaMan and also pig-face Chukaman. And there are a lot kind of taste at this shop.
食べ歩きが楽しい!横浜中華街はホカホカ“中華まん天国” - 東京ウォーカー via kwout

  • 公生和(KouSeiWa)
This shop has been running for 70 years. So it's very old!
"GansoHukahireMan" is known and popular around Japan. "TorikonNikuMan" is using chicken, pork, and soja. It is very healthy and has good texture when you eat it.

Yokohama is very fun place to eat and shopping. You can eat several foods such as Chinese. And you can enjoy at Akarenga Souko(赤レンガ倉庫) and Minatomirai (みなとみらい) for shopping or amusement!!
Since the city is near from sea, I like there very much. 

Tokyo Girls Collection was held on 6th

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Tokyo girls collection is the huge fashion event in Japan and was held on 6th of March at Yokohama Arena.

Over about 25000 people joined the event. The event is known for that several models in Japan are gathering there and they wear clothes of the spring and summer of the year. Interesting thing is that the visitors can buy some clothes on the web either from PC or Mobile Phone after the event.

You can see some photos of the event!(via Sankei News (Japanese))

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go Out To Eat Ramen :)

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I usually buy food at convenience store and eat inside my office. But today, I went to go outside and eat Ramen for my lunch.(of course with live streaming!)

I went to 三田製麺所(Mita Seimenjo). I ate つけ麺(Tsukemen: one kind of Ramen) and it costs 750yen for one bowl of Ramen with soup.

Dipping the noodle into the soup and eat this. This is how to eat つけ麺(Tsukemen). Now you might know that つけ麺 is named after the way we eat this. つけ(Tsuke) means "dip" and 麺(men) means noodle.

You should try this out!!


You can eat here! If you want to eat this Ramen! But there are a lot of Ramen shop around Tokyo! You can eat everywhere!